Mount Gemma

The mountain is an awesome place. It is rich with Miscrits and important landmarks. There are fifteen normal Miscrits natice to Mt. Gemma. The unique properties of the mountain attract only Earth, Wind, and Lightning Miscrits. There are also three rare Miscrits up there. Thundercracker, Eggy, and Mun Kee are all rumored to live on Mt. Gemma.

When you first get up there you'll be in the Gemma Flats, a large open plateau where you can explore to the north and east. To the west is the Gemma River. You can ecplore deeper by crossing the small bridge near the Eternal Falls. Be careful though, on the other side of the river, Miscrits tend to fight in packs. If you can make it beyond that, you'll find the amazing Skyline Peak and The Shack.

Skyline Peak used to be one of the most beautiful spots on all of Miscria. The view goes on for miles and is surrounded by shiny gems. Unfortunately that's where the Earth Elementum made his home. He is draining the magic and beauty out of the land and crushes would be adventurers. The Shack is north east, past the mudslide on the mountain. A famous trainer lives there, but no one has seen him in years. Eroom Nosaj was once a great adventurer. He also taught other adventurers something called a Master Skill. Many people still seek him out, but he got fat and refuses to train anyone a Master Skill.