Hey all! No huge updates today, but I have this lovely graphic to remind you guys of this week’s gift shop deal. 

I do have an announcement though! The new Volcano Island systems will be going into alpha testing soon (that is to say, not the new area and Miscrits themselves, but rather the systemic and interface changes that will be accompanying it). What does this mean?

This is our first time doing an official round of alpha testing for Miscrits, actually! The purpose is to test the new systems and gather feedback on them before they’re released, to make sure they are polished and balanced for release. Testers will be picked by us, so in the meantime, PLEASE do not ask us to be a tester. This is more likely to backfire on you than to help you gain anything, so it’s not a good idea for you. If we do have a contest or application process for testing positions, I will let you know on this forum how and when to enter it, I promise!

Again, this is still a little ways out, and Volcano Island still will be some time after that. But the need for testing should give you some idea of just how enormous the Volcano Island changes will be! 


Hello everyone! We have a new week with a whole BUNCH of news coming atcha  They’ll be coming up throughout the week, so be on guard for some exciting new changes and announcements! You’ll hear it all here first!

Today being Monday of course, we have our Gift Shop changes and an exciting new week for the Battle Arena! So we’ll get right down to the news…

Today’s Updates:

  • The Battle Arena this week features yet another rare Miscrit from Sunfall Shores! Our beautiful mess, Kelpa, is one of thevery few Miscrits on the beach even more popular than Snorkels  and deservedly so! After all, his attacks are pretty much certain doom for any Water Miscrit he faces.
    • 5 wins: Gem Strike!
    • 10 wins: 3 Mythical Heal!
    • 20 wins: 10 virtue! (Hey, that’s a full heal!)
    • 25 wins: KELPA!
  • What do OrcatideDark Prawnja and Mun Kee have in common? Typically very little, but this week you can find all three of them in the Gift Shop for gems and/or Facebook Credits! If you haven’t yet experienced the “dark” side of Miscrits, I highly recommend Dark Prawnja on his physical power alone. Check ‘em out!

WOO! That’s all for now. Good luck in the Arena, and keep your eyes on this board this week for more news and updates!


Helloooo everyone! Hope you’re having a great Friday, whether you celebrate TGIF or not!

We’ve previewed quite a number of upcoming Volcano Island Miscrits this week (Crickin, Bubbles, Magpole and Pyrog), and I’ve got some more announcements to make for this weekend, including one about a change that is in the process of being rolled out as we speak! So, getting right down to it…

Today’s Updates:

  • The most prominent change is the GIFT SHOP! This weekend, we’re showcasing two of our most popular Miscrits.

    We have Poltergust, our rare Wind Miscrit from Mount Gemma, known for being an all around well-rounded sort of fellow with strong attack stats. Annnd… KELPA, one of the rarest Miscrits in Sunfall Shores and in fact, all of Miscria! He has some pretty devastating chained Nature attacks. Both are available for gems OR Facebook Credits, so check ‘em out!

  • We’ve also changed the item chest Miscrit! Treemur has scurried right out of the Gift Shop and into a new home, where you can find him in your own gifts if you’re lucky!
  • The last announcement is also the biggest and it actually has to do with all of Facebook. They’re making a change in their own platform to the way games are displayed and shared with friends, AND they are in the process of rolling it out right now! Some of you may have already seen it, OR you may already have it, but here’s a post explaining all the details of their new update:


    Basically, it boils down to 2 different things: a “sidebar” for games that will hold all your app updates, new Facebook-wide achievements, what your friends are playing at the moment and so on. The other is what they refer to as “fluid canvas,” which means that the game will extend to be the size of your screen! Depending on the size of your screen, this could mean a little more space or a LOT more space to view the game in.

    For Miscrits, this is potentially REALLY GOOD NEWS because our worlds are so big, and you miss out on a lot of awesome art in the game if you’re not playing in fullscreen ;D However, it’s possible that rendering the game in the larger screen size could cause things to run slower. If, when this update is rolled out to you, you’re noticing significant lag or other performance problems, please let us know about it, either here or on the bug forums.

That’s everything for now! Have a great weekend, everybody! 



Here he is! Magpole is (in case you couldn’t tell) a Fire-type Miscrit, and is known to absolutely thrive in environments like the first area of Volcano Island. Magpole is one of the VI Miscrit Collector’s favorite Miscrits, especially in his later stages. That’s why he gets the coveted ‘arm seat’!

As a matter of fact, this name was guessed two days ago, by Aldo Galvan Hernandez, just before I put up the topic announcing that his name hadn’t been guessed yet  Congrats to Aldo and everyone else who managed to guess it right! AND to everyone else who came up with some creative names for him as well!

Now, you might be saying to yourself, “THAT doesn’t look like the Miscrit on the Collector’s chair…” and that’s because you’re right! It was a bit of misinformation on my part. The Miscrit you see there is actually his second evolution, Pyrog:

So it’s a bit of a mix-up, but hey, today you get TWO Miscrit previews! 

And NOW, because so many of you are asking about it, here’s a chance to guess the final Miscrit hanging out around the Miscrit Collector:

And here’s the hint! What’s shown there IS his first evo, and the name is C_____n. Good luck!


Hey guys! We had a lot to get through yesterday with the introduction of the adorable Bubbles, and the final call for our gem Miscrit, Beelzebug.

Now, though, we’ve got some of the classic new week updates to announce, starting with the Battle Arena!

The Updates for Today:

  • This new Battle Arena is exciting as it features a VERY rare Miscrit and a never-before-seen prize…
    • 5 wins: Mythical Enchant!
    • 10 wins: 5 virtue! (Hey, that’s half a full heal! )
    • 15 wins: 50 gems!
    • 25 wins: SNORKELS! A rare little guy in the highest tier of Water Miscrits, which makes him one of the most effective counters to the Ignios and Blazebits of the world. Plus, he’s just adorable!

    One note, we noticed a bit of trouble with the new virtue prize: namely, that the UI around it wasn’t updating correctly. If you won 10 battles, no worries, you still have the Virtue in your inventory! Just to help anyone who might’ve been confused by that.

  • New Gift Shop Miscrits! For the rest of this week, we have a pretty awesome gang of four hanging out here:
    • Waddles, the rare lake-dwelling Water Miscrit AND a popular request of the Miscrit Collector;
    • Frostmite, our go-to little guy for maintenance and Miscrit of the Gamebar;
    • Treemur, an elementally-inclined rare Nature Miscrit who loves to hang out in the forest, and
    • Thundercracker! The rare Lightning Miscrit of Mount Gemma, and second-best Lightning Miscrit in all of Miscria 

Finally, it looks like the full name of M_____e still has yet to be guessed. Here he is again:

EDIT: I take it back, his name HAS in fact been guessed! I’ll introduce him in more detail tomorrow.



Hey everybody, hope you all have had a wonderful weekend!  Our regular Monday updates are actually being pre-empted by an important announcement about our Gift Shop gem-exclusive Miscrit, Beelzebug:

If you haven’t purchased one, and still want to purchase him with your gems, make sure you do it today! Again, this is the only time he will be available inside the game, and the last time he’ll ever be available for something other than real-world currency. Starting tomorrow, we’ll be back to your regularly-scheduled gift shop updates. So if you want your own Beelzebug, do it soon or forever hold your peace! 

For the weekend, I actually gave you guys a couple more Miscrits to guess, and I’m happy to announce one of the two has been successfully figured out. Congrats to Andrew Enriquez, who was the first to guess it I believe… Meet BUBBLES!

Originally previewed in the Miscrit Collector’s house on Volcano Island, Bubbles is another Water Miscrit from the first area of VI (if I remember correctly, he is only the second Water Miscrit we’ve introduced so far)! Here’s his first evo’s description:

Bubbles spends most of its day dreaming while it lazes around in the water. It is only active for a few hours a day.

It looks like no one so far has guessed the other one yet, so I’ll keep the mystery alive for a little while longer. Once again, this little guy is the one in question:

And the hint for him is M_____e! Good luck everybody, and I’ll have the rest of the Monday announcements (including new Gift Shop and Battle Arena) to deliver to you tomorrow!


Hey all, happy Friday! Good news for those of you who have yet to pick up our Lightning exclusive, Beelzebug- he’ll be in the Gift Shop all this weekend! Along with Blazebit, who at this point needs no introduction.

Whew… talk about a powerhouse team! …AND a safety hazard! Let’s hope these guys don’t spark an electrical fire from being together in the same building for one WHOLE weekend. 

Other than that, it’s a Friday full of working tirelessly on Volcano Island! Speaking of which… Have you guys seen the new Miscrit Collector yet?

This was a screenshot preview posted by Jason not too long ago. In the excitement of announcing Ponya and Beelzebug, the preview never quite bubbled up to the spotlight. But now, here it is! Not to be neglected, because that new Miscrit Collector is ONE COOL DUDE. And.. whoa! Who are those Miscrits next to him?!

That question wasn’t rhetorical, I’m actually wondering if you guys can guess it! One is named M_____e, the other is B_____s. I’ll give both these guys an official introduction sometime next week, so until then, guess away!

Have a GREAT weekend!


First of all, congratulations to most of you! I thought this was going to be a tough one, and you guys managed to guess it… with ease!

Our new Miscrit does in fact resemble a panda, and some of you could even make out the piece of bamboo he’s holding! Congrats to Antonio Manuel Reinoso and Johann Villarroel Morales on being the first two to guess these pieces of the puzzle, respectively (and in fact, back-to-back!) on the first page.

That being said… no one actually managed to guess the name! I guess it was a bit of a red herring that the word “Panda” can actually fit in the space of the original name hint I gave. I think most people’s trains of thought were focused around that 

Anyway, here’s a little more on Ponya! It’s a NATURE type Miscrit from the first area of Volcano Island. Here’s its official Miscripedia description:

Ponya rests much of the day in order to be able to wield its heavy staff when it needs to. It usually naps immediately after battling.

I’m almost certain I’ll be putting one of these guys in my main team  Can’t wait for VI!

Annnnd finally, not news but I wanted to copy my note from yesterday since I’m still getting asked about it:

One quick note for people that are having trouble getting Beelzebug: We’re looking into a small bug that happens sometimes, where your gem totals don’t update right away after opening your gem chests. (The price of Beelzebug DOES increase immediately, which is what causes the gap). If you refresh the page, your total will update, and you should be able to purchase him no problem.

Of course, if you’re still having trouble, please let us know either via PM or our Bugs forum. Sorry for the little inconvenience!




Hey everybody! We’ve gotten our biggest announcements out of the way for this week, but I wanted to take this time to unveil yet another upcoming Volcano Island Miscrit!

Can you believe we’re already up to 6 of these? I haven’t even scratched the surface of showing our upcoming Miscrits yet, and this is only for the very first area of the game!  Exciting times are a-comin’!

But back to this new mystery ‘crit… I actually feel like this is a pretty difficult silhouette to guess. You see a little bit of differentiation of what I guess could be limbs, but P___a’s overall form is pretty hard to decipher I think. I’m excited to see what you guys come up with! Happy guessing 

One quick note for people that are having trouble getting Beelzebug: We’re looking into a small bug that happens sometimes, where your gem totals don’t update right away after opening your gem chests. (The price of Beelzebug DOES increase immediately, which is what causes the gap). If you refresh the page, your total will update, and you should be able to purchase him no problem.

Of course, if you’re still having trouble, please let us know either via PM or our Bugs forum. Sorry for the little inconvenience!

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