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Hey, everyone!

Thank you again for helping us reach the seemingly unattainable goal of 30,000 new players by the release of Monk’s Mountain! As promised, we are giving everyone a free Nero! This Lightning Miscrit can only be found at the top of Monk’s Mountain. So, if you haven’t yet gained access to the zone, or if you are just having a hard time beating that last Magicite…you can now enjoy one of the brand new Miscrits that you would otherwise be missing out on! …If you’ve already captured a Nero…give him a playmate!Nero loves playmates!

You can claim your Nero in one of two ways…

1) Log into the game and click on the in-game news update (it will open a new tab, make sure to close the first one later).
2) Click this link directly from the forum: http://bit.ly/y9qPUa

You can only claim one Nero, whichever method you use.

***There will be no email sent out to claim Nero, as previously stated. We have encountered unexpected problems with our email system that has made this option impossible. The two methods above are the only ways to claim your free Miscrit. Thank you for your patience.***

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