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It’s a Monday, and you know what that means… time to hit the Battle Arena. This week is yet another new Miscrit as the reward: Hippoke.

Hippoke is a powerful Earth Miscrit with some unique properties. While he has some above average stats, it’s his ability set that makes him special. As you train him, he’ll learn how to heal, negate elements, and how to hit extremely hard. His final move’s damage power is 30, giving him one of the strongest abilities in all of Miscria.

But Hippoke is not the only news today 

We have a LOT going on behind the scenes and soon you will start seeing some amazing new things cropping up.

  • Advanced Training is coming VERY soon. This might launch TODAY, so keep checking the training arena to look for changes. For a complete breakdown, check out Friday’s post about it: http://www.miscrits.com/forums/showt…ng-Coming-Soon!
  • Sunfall Shores is getting closer and closer. For the most part this is the main thing we are working on. Trust me when I say that you will enjoy the details, music, minibosses, and of course Miscrits even more than any other land. No timetable, but I can smell the ocean breeze already.
  • Improved Gifting Dialog will be hitting the game on Wednesday. While the change will seem small and simple, it has HUGE ramifications. This is the first step needed for us to institute an incredible upgrade to our game. I won’t say too much on it but here is some teasing: you will be able to visit your friends house, they can visit yours, and above all you can help each other out. This will also be part of a complete makeover to our healing timer which will make it so that you can play longer and quicker! Woot! Want more information??? TOO BAD! You’ll have to wait. 
  • IMPORTANT NEWS: all gifts that are not claimed by Wednesday when we change the gifting dialog will be LOST! We are forced to clear out the gifts hanging in limbo-land in order to make that change. That means that you should make sure to accept your gifts quickly and especially Tuesday night / Wednesday morning. Once we make our change midday Wednesday, all unclaimed gifts will be cleared.

Believe it or not, there is even MORE going on behind the scenes than this but I think this is plenty to take in for today. I’ll leave you with this… if you haven’t seen the picture of Volcano Island, here it is: http://www.miscrits.com/forums/showt…-Could-this-be


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  1. I have a few ideas for you to think of!!
    1) I think it would be cool to hold a contest.People send in drawings of Miscrits and the 6 best from each element could become the real thing. Then when you pick you could redraw them how you draw Miscrits.
    2) My cousin,brother and I all play Miscrits and we love the game,and we had an idea where you can trade Miscrits with your friends.
    3) Another idea we came up with is to be able to bread Miscrits and sell them for coins or gems. Eather one works.
    I hope you think about it. Thanks

    • I only have the fansite and can’t do anything about any of your suggestions, but I can tell you what I know.

      1) They already hold contests on the forums every once in a while. Ignios just won the first player inspired Miscrit contest. I’m sure they will have more contests in the future, but it’s doubtful they will add 6 of each element at a time.
      2) You will never be able to trade Miscrits with friends. It would be open to too much cheating with ppl making second accounts just to train their Miscrits up to 30 and then trading them back.
      3) I think the idea for breeding Miscrits has been thrown around before. I don’t remember if the Devs commented on it or not, but you can already turn Miscrits in to the Miscrit Collector in Sunfall Village for XP, TP, and Gold.

      I suggest you get on the official forums at Miscrits.com. You can discuss these ideas and others you have with players and Devs there.

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