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WOO! Hey guys, welcome to the new week!

The Updates (and things we’re working on) Today!

  • First of all, I want to touch on the Mun Kee issue. First things first, we will NOT be doing any live nerfing of any of Mun Kee’s stats. I know most of you hardcore players have noticed he’s a highly random Miscrit, meaning there’s a pretty wide range of stats a Mun Kee can hold. And even the weaker ones are still pretty darn good. This was intentional! So for those of you worried, he won’t be getting the Equestrion treatment.THAT SAID, we are making some changes to the battle arena system as a whole, which will impact somes of Mun Kee’s rather… prominent exploits. Check out Jason’s awesome topic on our Bugs board for the details! http://brokenbulbstudios.com/forum/s…ad-Official***
  • The Cave of Mists, previously known as the Cave of Miscrits ( our bad! Yes, that’s right, it’s a name change! We’ll be updating the forums on that today). Anyway, that one’s full speed ahead. I know you guys have been getting a lot of “sneak peeks” of it… I hope you’re as excited about it as we are! It should be a pretty awesome new area to explore, not to mention the cool new Miscrits we’ll have in there.
  • The forest will be getting some new changes! Meet “minibosses”: these will be NPC adventurers, similar to the ones you find in the Battle Arena, who will block your passage through the forest until you manage to defeat them in battle. (NOTE: The 1 item rule of PVP will not apply with these minibosses). Just a little fun way to gauge your progress and get in some extra 1v1 battling practice out in the wild!
  • An update on the Magical Flower “Too Far Away” and maps issues: we’ve found a fix for the Magical Flower, this should be updating to our live game soon (within a day or two). The maps are being re-drawn in all their map-y beautiful splendor, and will be added to the game FOR SURE this week!
  • On the subject of bugfixing, we’ll also be fixing an issue today that pops the friendbar to the front of your list every 20 seconds (when you’re looking at the 2nd or later pages). Sorry about that!
  • It’s the start of the week! You know what THAT means!! Battle Arena prizes this week include the long awaited completion of the affectionately-nicknamed “Triad of Darkness.” ;D
    • 3-in-a-row: 3 Training Points!
    • 5-in-a-row: 3 Negate Element items!
    • 8-in-a-row: 3 Swirling Inferno spells!
    • 10-in-a-row: DARK FLOWERPILLER!
  • The Gem Shop is updated, and includes a BRAND NEW Miscrit! Check out Jack, an exclusive seasonal Miscrit! And while you’re at it, congratulate our player Cora O Riordan, who came up with the idea and the awesome original concept art! http://brokenbulbstudios.com/forum/s…g-miscrit-idea
  • Jack is also the Miscrit in the item chest now!
  • One last, but super awesome announcement, we have a new Miscrits PROMO VIDEO! Check it out! Spread it around! (And yes, that is the Cave of Mists you see in there ;D) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGpYDB8cnt8

Finally, my personal favorite of the starter Miscrits has a “dark side”. This might just be cause for changing my avatar picture….



There’s a new Miscrits Trailer out with a very short look at the Cave of Miscrits! I’ve placed it on the Home page for now. I’ll get it up on the Videos page later tonight. Hint: The Cave is the purple part in the video.


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Hello everyone!!!!!

I have taken dueling live after extensive testing! 

Remember that you or your friend will have had to refresh to get the latest flash that enables dueling.

Your duel request to a friend remains active for 60 seconds (you might want to talk in facebook chat ahead of time to arrange the duel).

Every 20 seconds that you are playing the game and not in a battle we are checking to see if someone wants to duel you.

If you and a friend request a duel to each other at the exact same moment you will both be instantly matched.

Please post any questions and me and Corey will get them answered for you! 

Thanks for playing and I hope you love the new feature!


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TGIF! Whew! We’ve got a bunch of stuff in the works, but here’s the most relevant stuff for today!

The Updates for Today:

Friend Dueling is IN!!! Here are a few of the basics on it:

  • The same-level rule does not apply. When two friends battle, it’s with whoever is in your active teams, so if you’re not dueling with level 30s you might want to check with each other first.
  • The 1-item-each rule DOES apply. So much like the battle arena, each item or magic spell in a battle can only be used once. If you use a spell or any item, it is used up for good, so just be warned.
  • Before a duel, your team is fully healed. So if you want to duel a friend you don’t have to heal first!
  • After a duel, your team restored to its state before battling. Any damage you took during the battle doesn’t remain. 
  • There’s no in-game chat feature. But the oool thing is, you’re both on Facebook and online (obviously) so you can use Facebook chat!
  • If they’re already in a battle, your friend won’t see any requests from you until after the battle. So if they’re not responding, you might want to check to see what they’re up to before deciding they’re a non-responsive jerk! 
  • Cave of Miscrits is getting art-ified as we speak! It’s also ready to be rolled out soon, probably next week! If you haven’t already seen it, the new Cave Miscrits are up in the Miscripedia. (And one of them is also Caitlin’s avatar pic!) Check ‘em out!
  • We’ve got a new shipment of Blazebit in the Gift Shop! And he’s on SALE at 100 FBCs. He’s a weekend special, so get him while he’s ho-daaaaaarnit, I said I’d stop making that joke didn’t I.  Either way, go get him while you can!
  • Oh yeah, as far as Mun Kee goes, I’ll quote Caitlin for the answer here:
    Quote Originally Posted by Caitlin Ellis View Post
    “As of right now, we are not intending to nerf Mun Kee, but we may be doing something about ability combinations throughout the game with regards to Accuracy buffs/debuffs.”

That’s everything so far, I think. Dueling’s the big one for today! It’s almost time to tell the scrubs from the superstars on your friend list, so get ready!



As anyone here has already realized, I’m moving the website. I hope no on is getting lost in the move, I’ve tried to put redirect links on all of the pages as I move them. I’m really loving the look of the new site. I hope you all are too. I’m putting in a lot of effort to get everything moved and updated as quickly as I can. Yola works a bit differently as far as coding stuff, so I’m having to edit almost every page as I put it up.

3 new miscrits were added to the Miscripedia today. Sapphron, Sledgehog, & Micrblast. They will be in the Cave of Miscrits. I’ve added the images for them to the site and information as far as I’ve updated.

To clear some things up: I don’t work for Miscrits or Broken Bulb Studios. I just love Miscrits and decided to put up that fansite for the game. I get a lot of comments/demands about the game. “Change this,” “fix that,” “I want this,” and so on. I have NO control over any of it. I never mind answering questions, but I can’t change anything for you. I also can not tell the future, as much as I would love to. If an Admin/Dev of the game hasn’t released the information, I don’t have it.

Also, people have been commenting on some of the Forum Updates and Announcements posts. These are ONLY the original forum posts. They do not include and follow up comments from Admins or players. I’ve starting posting the original links for them at the top so you can go to it and comment on them there. Comments left here and not seen by the Admins. If a post asks for a reply or is a contest or whatever, you should always follow the link to the post on the main forums and comment/participate there. Doing so here won’t count.


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Welcome to Wednesday everybody! The good news is I had pancakes for lunch (with butter and maple syrup!). Now, for the relevant stuff!

The Updates For Today:

  • Dueling is still first priority on the dev side! You better start sizing up your friends’ Miscrit teams now, or you’ll be losing your chances for bragging rights later 
  • The Cave of Miscrits, our upcoming Facebook Credit exclusive area, is in testing right now! We’re trying to answer as many questions about it as we can right now in the official topic: http://brokenbulbstudios.com/forum/s…its-Info-Topic! So if there’s anything you want to know, ask away!
  • Mun Kee is out! And he’s…. what did Jason say? Oh right:
  • Quote Originally Posted by Jason Moore View Post
    “Yes Mun Kee is out. He is in Mount Gemma Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. He meditates Sat-Monday in the clouds. The obvious hint to his whereabouts are that you have to defeat the earth Elementum before you will be able to get to him.”
  • There’s some bad news coming in later today or tomorrow as well– the TP rewards from some of the achievements are getting nerfed (decreased), sorry  Most of the max TP rewards from feats will be 10. Bummer, I know… if you’re already really close to completing a feat, I’d recommend putting a little higher priority on it before the change takes place!
  • We had a small hiccup just now where battles weren’t counting in the Battle Arena – wins OR losses, we apologize about that, everything should be back to normal now!



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Okay, I’m going to conserve characters here because I have a LOT to tell you about! First of all, since we haven’t released it yet, here’s the FULL list of features that changed last Friday! You guys found most of them, but there’s a few subtler ones that I think you’ll all be happy to know 

4-1-11 Update Feature list!

  • There’s now a button in your HUD to customize your appearance!
  • Mousing over your friends list now shows images of your friends’ avatars
  • There are additional assets to customize your appearance available in the gift shop
  • Lots of updated, improved graphics (less black space!)
  • Some cool animations, such as the torches and water sparkles
  • Wishing well now animates to show you when you can make a wish.
  • Taller items that used to obstruct your avatar now fade a little bit
  • Music has been remastered and improved!
  • Improved pathfinding to objects, messaging in failure cases (still working on improving the pathfinding some more!)
  • New NPCs such as the Miscrian scholar, AND many of the old NPCs have new text and new information for you! You should talk to them!
  • Accuracy debuffs no longer affect the accuracy of your item use
  • Sleep and confuse don’t chain (if you’re already confused, another successful Confuse hit will have no effect)
  • Confuse no longer works on the Earth Elementum
  • Ability picking for confuse uses a shuffle algorithm – provides more “believable” randomness

takes a deep breath Whew… okay, now, as you guys know there have been a couple of bugs associated with the change so far. We’re still addressing them, but here are the ones that have changed:

  • The “Too Far Away” issue with the Magical Flower in the forest should be fixed now! We’re still looking at the others and seeing what we can do about it, but as far as we could tell this was the most prominent one. Thanks for everyone who’s helped report these so far.
  • The new maps are being worked on right now, and should be going into the game soon (hopefully today!)

Annnnd finally, here’s a list of the things we’re working on today (aside from the abovementioned bug-fixing):

  • DUELING friends is in the works! We’re hoping to see it into the game as early as next week – time will tell!
  • I’m sure you’ve seen hints of this on the forum and on Mount Gemma, but I’m officially announcing the Cave of Miscrits is coming soon! It’ll be a paid expansion, meaning that for some set amount of Facebook Credits you’ll get full access to it. Sorry, I know that’s not the most appetizing option, but it’s going to be a REALLY sweet deal! It’s a gorgeous new area, with 3 new Miscrits, including a really powerful one (we’re talking Blazebit-tier)! We’ll be posting any and all details and updates in this topic: http://brokenbulbstudios.com/forum/s…its-Info-Topic!
  • Mun Kee’s speed has been changed from moderate to random. Basically what this means is a higher range of potential values, with a trend towards slightly higher speed stats overall.
  • Mount Gemma’s minimum level is being increased from 10 to 15. I’ll go into more details on this later, but so you guys know, this won’t take away access from anyone who can already go to Mount Gemma! The idea of this change is just that most players who go to Gemma at level 10 are still too under-leveled to really compete with the wild Miscrits, and then get frustrated that they keep dying all the time. And THEN the Gemma guard feels guilty cause he’s responsible for their safety, and the priest in the healing chapel starts getting overworked and sleep-deprived and… ahh, it’s just a whole fiasco. So yeah. Details on that one are coming.

There’s a lot of other things coming, but I want to leave it at that for now. It’s gonna be a busy couple of weeks!

Oh, one last thing: I just wanted to apologize, I’ve been a bit slow to answer the forum messages in the past couple days. My plan is to catch up on those by EOD today. So if you haven’t heard a response yet, don’t panic, I’m not ignoring you! (but if you don’t hear one by tomorrow, I’m ignoring you!  …kidding, kidding)



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Hey guys! I’m sure by now you’ve all seen that mysterious entrance on Mount Gemma and wondered to yourself, “What’s in this place, anyhow?” like so:

We’re here to answer some of your questions RIGHT HERE, right now!

  • First of all, this will be a paid expansion to the game. That is to say, to access it you will need to pay a one-time amount of Facebook Credits, the price will be specified soon. Sorry, I know this is a bit disappointing, it’s going to be well worth its value though! :)
  • The Cave will feature three powerful new Miscrits, including one that’s Blazebit tier. And yes, they are all Cave of Miscrits exclusives!
  • It will also have gorgeous new graphics, hidden treasures and other small goodies!

If you have more questions about it, just post them below! The other admins and I will answer them to the best of our ability :)


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Hey guys! Here are the announcements for today:

  • So we had a HUGE update last Friday! A full list of all the things that changed will be coming soon, but for now, for those of you that haven’t, I urge you to go check out the game and see it for yourselves! It’s a WHOLE NEW WORLD out there, pretty much, and it’s YOUR oyster! Just look at all the awesome new things that are too far away! …er, I mean. Awesome new things! More on the “too far away” stuff in just a second
  • For a solid answer, yes, the “Love Connection” IS an April Fool’s joke =) Glad you guys enjoyed it! To those of you who are still asking about it (yes, we’ve gotten emails)… hehe.. GOTCHA! Maybe you can make your Miscrits a profile on Okcupid or something like that ;D
  • Today our main focus is fixing many of the bugs caused from the (real) April 1 update. Maps are getting updated and re-added, and we’re taking a good hard look at the “Too Far Away” issue, among other things. If you guys want to help, it’d be super awesome if you could post in the current Update Problems topic (http://brokenbulbstudios.com/forum/s…ate-on-4-01-11) with as much info as you can, that way we can keep the reports relatively centralized. Screenshots are even better! Reproducible bugs are the best!
  • The mischievous TREEMUR is our reward in the Battle Arena this week! Here’s the full list:
    • 3-in-a-row: Mythical Enchant!
    • 5-in-a-row: 5 Training Points!
    • 8-in-a-row: 3 Pack of Bubbling Fury!
    • 10-in-a-row: TREEMUR!
  • We just added a fix this morning that truncates Miscrit names. A good rule of thumb has been “Don’t name your Miscrit more than you can tweet!”, but since a lot of you seemed to be making character names longer than some of the Great American Novels, and then running into unexplained crashing issues  we’ve changed it down the 30 characters max.

Good luck! And don’t forget to help us collect our update bugs if you can: http://brokenbulbstudios.com/forum/s…ate-on-4-01-11



Miscrits is down for an update. Who else thinks Frostmite with his wrench is adorable? I’m excited to see what this update brings. The last time I looked at that screen, Mount Gemma came out. People have brought the idea of adding minigames to Miscrits several times. While I don’t especially like this idea, maybe just some simple game to play while we wait for updates? Miscrits really isn’t down that much though…

Happy April Fool’s Day! If you’ve visited the forums or read the last post, you’ve read about the ‘Love Connection.’ I have to admit, I completely forgot it is April 1st and this had me going for a minute. I was siting here reading it thinking, ‘What in the world are they thinking?’ Then I started reading reply posts an realized the day. It’s a very good, well thought out joke! I can see this snowballing in weeks to come. It’ll be the new question that everyone posts in the forums and chat that no one wants to answer anymore.. ‘OMG!! When can I make my Miscrits fall in love??’

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