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In other words… Wednesday excitement!!  …Corny title, I know…but I’m pumped! It’s time for a new Mystery Miscrit guessing game, a Facebook Wall Challenge, AND a teaser for what’s coming tomorrow.

Mystery Miscrit

The silhouette that you see in this picture belongs to the SECOND EVOLUTION of a Volcano Island Miscrit that we have already officially announced! As always, alpha testers please no guessing (and give people enough time to guess before saying if anyone is right or wrong). Thanks! 

As for clues… I will, of course, give you guys a tiny hint on the name:


…And since you all are SOOOO good at this, and guessed the last one so quickly… That’s all you get for now! Mwa ha ha ha! Good luck!

Facebook Wall Challenge

Keep your eyes glued to the Miscrits Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/miscrits) over the next hour for a fun little quiz. Be one of the winners, and earn a prize!

It’s coming…

Volcano Island is getting really close! Are you excited?? So far, only a select few testers have been exposed to Volcano Island’s biggest secrets. But tomorrow, we will start revealing some of the BIG changes hitting the Sunfall Kingdom and Volcano Island when the new game is released!

For now…I will give you one word… “ENCHANTMENTS”

Good luck with the guessing games! 

[EDIT 11/17/11: revealed more letters and gave another hint]


And here is a hit: Drowsie is a sloth, and sloths are not known to be very ‘upright’ citizens.


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Hey all!

Just a quick heads-up about tomorrow. There is going to be a lot of fun going around, both here on the forum, AND on the Miscrits Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/miscrits).

Not only will we be kicking off a whole new Mystery Miscrit guessing game right here, but make sure you keep your eyes glued to our Facebook wall for a brand new Q&A-style contest, complete with in-game prizes for a lucky few winners!


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Happy Monday, Miscrits fans! We heard some people still don’t have the rare Miscrit, Eggy, in their collection yet. So, we’ve decided to give you another chance to win him in the Battle Arena (among other goodies)! Thank Pierce Patterson for creating a poll for this.

Today also marks the departure of our friend, Fennie, from the Miscrits Gift Shop for a while. But don’t worry, another favorite,Snorkels will be available for purchase all week!

Keep your eyes glued to the forums this week also, for the new Mystery Miscrit thread… This week, we’re going to try something a little bit different (and different = fun!) 

…And if that wasn’t enough… Make sure you are all fans of the Miscrits Facebook page, because you are about to see some fun contests this week! (“Do we get anything if we win?”) …YES! 

And that’s all for now!


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Well, you asked, and we listened. In response to John Seymour’s forum poll for which Miscrit we should feature in the Gift Shop next… KELPA will be available for purchase with Gems or Facebook Credits for this weekend only!

If you’re tired of digging in sandcastles for this powerful, rare Miscrit…get yours now, while you can!

In related news, we have also decided to temporarily retire one of our Gift Shop exclusive Miscrits until further notice…

…This weekend will be the last time you’ll see Fennie in the Gift Shop for a while. On Monday, she will slink off to her secret hideaway amidst the rocks and crags of Miscria’s mountains to rest. If you don’t have Fennie on your team yet, get her before she’s gone!! With MAX Elemental Attack and RANDOM Elemental Defense, Fennie can put a serious kink in your opponents’ strategy.

Have a great weekend! And don’t forget to wish a Happy Veteran’s Day to anyone you know who has served in the armed forces.

I’ll see you guys next week, with fresh new updates, and a brand new Mystery Miscrit!


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Congrats to Talon Burns for correctly guessing the name on his first try! …And in record time! I underestimated you guys. …I guess I have to make the next one even HARDER to guess! (*evil grin*)

Budillo will be located in the very deepest part of Volcano Island’s jungle, and will be a valuable addition to any Miscrit party!

Thanks to all who participated in the [very brief] guessing game. 

Stay tuned for the next installment…

As for the questions about lightning, earth, and wind Miscrits from VI, those will ALL be released with the Monk’s mountain area (with the exception of Azteco, who will be in the Temple). So you’ll have to wait a while before you see some of them.


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Whooooooooooooooo wants to take a guess at another mystery Miscrit?? 

Yep, it’s about that time again! The stars have aligned in the heavens, the tide is just right, and Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” is playing on my iTunes… All of the conditions that MUST occur in order to release the next mystery Miscrit thread!

…Either that, or…I finally got caught up on my emails. 

Ok! I’m going to break with tradition here just a little bit, because I think it may be a tiny bit too easy to guess if I give you the first and last letters right off the bat.

Here is your first hint:
_ _ d _ _ _ _

…I know…I’m evil. (“WHAT??? only one letter?? how dare you!? you are going to cause the downfall of this entire establishment!”) Sooooo…hate-mail me all you want. I can take it! (actually, please don’t, I am quite fragile, and I just might be forced to curl up into a little ball under my desk for the rest of the day). 

Before you start guessing, here’s a bit more to give you some ideas…

What do you get when you cross a flower with an armadillo? (VI testers, please, no guessing). This nature Miscrit comes equipped with STRONG Elemental and Physical Attack, and also has access to the Photosynth (negate element) ability, just like the Nature Elementum! 

Good luck!!


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This has been a pretty busy week for us over here at Broken Bulb, with the player-inspired Miscrit contest coming to its stunning conclusion, as well as all of the hard work that we are putting into the upcoming (and highly anticipated) Volcano Island. In the midst of all that, we never made our customary announcement about this week’s Battle Arena rewards and Gift Shop specials (better late than never, right?). It’s a bit of a formality at this point, as most of you have undoubtedly already visited the Battle Arena this week, and are already making progress toward earning your next rare Miscrit… But just to make it “official”…and perhaps serve as a reminder for anybody who may have forgotten to go check…

This week’s Battle Arena rewards are:

  • 3 Mythical Heal!
  • 1 Bubbling Fury!
  • 5 Training Points!
  • Dark Flowerpiller!

In the Gift Shop this week, please welcome back…

Ignios! One of the most powerful Miscrits in the Sunfall Kingdom, and a fan favorite. With MAX Elemental Attack and a ton of RANDOM stats, Ignios is a rare Miscrit that you won’t want to pass up! If you don’t have access to Sunfall Shores yet, this is your only opportunity to grab this guy…so what are you waiting for??


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Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday! Thank you all so much for voting in our 2nd EVER player inspired Miscrit contest!

It was a long and brutal battle to the finish line for all 12 of our contestants, but only two would make it to the final round…Liquifien and Pujin literally split the Miscrit forum community in half, playing tug-of-war to the bitter end…

As a result, we have decided that the winner is…BOTH OF THEM!

We are so happy to see such support from all of you guys. This is really a win for the whole Miscrits community! Thank you all for voting and showing your support for ALL of our contest entries! We look forward to seeing Liquifien and Pujin roaming the wilds of Miscria soon!


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Hey everybody, welcome to the end of the week! As it always goes on Fridays, we have a new Gift Shop Miscrit to announce… and this weekend, it’s the fiery favorite, BLAZEBIT!

I’m sure many, if not all of you, know Blazebit as the Miscrit that made you visit the elder tree dozens or even hundreds of times in a row to find. Or maybe to not find! If that’s the case, you’re in luck for this weekend, because he’s taking a front row seat on the Gift Shop counter  If you want the Miscrit with the highest stat potential in the game, you can stop climbing that Elder Tree and head over to the shop!

While things are hot over in the game world… we have a chillingly close competition going on between our TWO finalists in the Player-Inspired Miscrit Contest this weekend!


The mysterious and alien Liquifien challenges the playful yet noble Pujin! Both are masters of the water element, but only one can become a member of the ancient temple.

Who will win? Ultimately, that’s up to all of you, so go here, read the entries, and VOTE!


Have a great weekend, everyone! We’ll see you Monday, with the results!


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Man! And here I thought I really had you guys with this one. It was close, but it looks like you all managed to guess the new guy in the end. Congrats to Lindsey, who was absolutely right in guessing right off the bat that this Miscrit is based on a seahorse, and its elemental type is Water! And congrats to Gabe Domagas, who a few hints and many posts later managed to guess its name – Shanghorse!

Shanghorse is a bit mysterious, so not much is known about him at this time… other than that he’s a Volcano Island Miscrit and a Water type, of course!

Speaking of Water Miscrits, voting on the Player-Inspired Miscrits Contest ends tomorrow and a new round will be starting! If you haven’t cast your vote for Pujin, Liquifien or Whipzo yet, please do it soon!


The finals will start this weekend! The last two Miscrits remaining in the contest will go head-to-head and the winner, crowned Monday, will be the newest Miscrit in Volcano Island. Good luck to all three of our amazing entries, and we’ll see you all with the results tomorrow

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