Name Miscrit Level Effect Price Description
Lake Azore Pearl 10 Health +5 10 Platinum A rare pearl from the bottom of Lake Azore.
Wishing Well Coin 10 Physical Defense +2 10 Platinum A copper coin taken from the depths of the Wishing Well.
Fenholm River Rock 10 Magical Attack +2 10 Platinum A stone made special from thousands of years in Fenholm River.
Woodsman's Axe Head 10 Physical Attack +2 10 Platinum One of the famous Woodsman's Axe heads. Still Sharp.
Spinnerette Silk 10 speed +5 10 Platinum The magical silk that comes from Spinnerettes is said to capture time.
Collector's Gem 10 Magical Defense +2 10 Platinum Miscrit collectors seek these relics so much that they are named after them.
Elefauna Flower 15 Magical Defense +5 20 Platinum This lucky charm has to be picked from an Elefauna right before evolution.
Bottlefog 15 Physical Defense +5 20 Platinum As the name suggests, this mystical fog has been bottled.
Azore Cattail Root 15 speed +10 20 Platinum Carefully harvested roots from the cattails of Lake Azore.
Magicite Ring 15 Magical Attack +4 20 Platinum Magic stolen from Miscrits and forged in a ring.
Volcanic Reef 15 Physical Attack +5 20 Platinum These Volcanic Reefs are difficult to obtain due to the boiling surroundings.
Prapple 15 Health +10 20 Platinum Prapples are a rare find from the deep overgrowth of Volcano Island's Jungle.
Magic Flower Seed 20 Health +15 40 Platinum While it has never been able to grow another Magic Flower, the seed gives life to those who possess it.
Elder Tree Bark 20 Magical Defense +10 40 Platinum This protective bark is almost impossible to separate from the Elder Tree.
Silver Ruin Shard 20 Speed +15 40 Platinum Among the ruins of Volcano Island, this shard was noticeably out of place.
Magicite Robe 20 Magical Attack +6 40 Platinum Just being near this powerful abomination can affect the elements.
Growliath Mace 20 Physical Attack +6 40 Platinum As hard as it is to find a Growliath, it is even harder to steal its mace.
Azteko Skin 20 Physical Defense +10 40 Platinum When an Azteko evolves into a Newthua it sheds its guardian skin.
PoL Fragment 25 Speed +20 75 Platinum A shattered off piece of the eternal Pedestal of Light.
Eternal Falls Mushroom 25 Health +20 75 Platinum The enduring mushrooms that grow behind the Eternal Falls are nearly impossible to obtain.
Magicite Amulet 25 Magical Attack +10 75 Platinum For those with dark hearts, this amulet embues stolen Miscrit magic.
Skyline Peak Gem 25 Magical Defense +15 75 Platinum Chiseled from the famous golden gem atop Skyline Peak.
CoM Treasure 25 Physical Defense +15 75 Platinum A special golden treasure found deep inside the Cave of Mists.
Eternal Ice 25 Physical Attack +10 75 Platinum The Eternal Ice taken from the top of Monk's Mountain proves too strong to melt.
Apollo Nox Parchment 30 Magical Attack +15 150 Platinum Pages taken from an old journal of Apollo Nox are sometimes too hot to touch.
Dragon Shackle 30 Physical Defense +22 150 Platinum Proof from deep inside Volcano Island that dragons once existed.