Foil Deurus

Location: Miscrit Packs

Foil Deurus

Foil Deenotus

Foil Deboreas

Foil Daeolus

Foil Deurus Foil Deurus is generally resentful of its cuteness, and dreams of being a great warrior that no one would dare call precious.
Foil Deenotus Foil Deenotus can fly so quickly that its wings make a sort of music as it soars high above the ground.
Foil Deboreas The rainbow-colored fog around Foil Deboreas is believed by many to have a hallucinogenic effect when breathed in.
Foil Daeolus Foil Daeolus patrols the skies every night, and it's sometimes mistaken for fireworks because of the way it sweeps and swoops around.
Foil Deurus Health Elemental Attack Elemental Defense Physical Attack Physical Defense Speed
Max Elite Strong Weak Strong Strong