Contest Entry Whipzo

by Aleksandar Bakmaz and Wendleton

This Miscrit is based on the Aztec God, Tlaloc (the god of rain, lightning and thunder and fertility ), and basically resembles a penguin/griffin hybrid . (We based this on the "god of rain and fertility part.) As it evolves, it gains a more "scarier" and "muscular" appearance. The concept me and my partner gave it was the theme Tlaloc had, which was the ability to bring life, or cause sudden death to people's crops, which technically made them starve to death. It grows to gain more Aztec patterns, even the Aztec motif you see on the tip of it's tail. The skull on it's head represents death; but the hearts and water coming out of it's back represents life. (as to the crops that need rain and fertility to live. The skulls aren't their true heads; in fact, their more of a helmet used for protection. (Imagine a penguin wearing a skull-shaped helmet.)

We think that Whipzo is more of a guardian than a leader, because of its muscular appearance at the end. It's personality would include being very outgoing during it's first two evos, then getting wiser at the 3rd evo, then eventually becoming more brutal in the last evo.


Evolution 1: Whipzo

Whipzo is a very outgoing Miscrit, who loves doing things that people think it can't do. The water it supplies can heal anybody who drinks/touches it, making it very sought out for.

Evolution 2: Saffro

A Miscrit of trickery and deceit, many people often hate how adventurous and risky Saffros are. Often, Miscrian trainers who don't watch them whilst on their team would find their lunch missing. as the Saffro happily munches away.

(The little leopard spots on it's forearms also portraying it growing new feathers, like an actual penguin does when it grows older.)

Evolution 3: Azrior

Known for their intelligence, Ariors often are sought out for by lost tourists due to their vast knowledge of their environment around them. During a battle, they also usually plan their moves as their trainer says them, making them hard elemental hitters.

Evolution 4: Typhonion

Typhonions are Miscrits of mass strength, and can hit pretty hard. Miscrian towns rely on them to supply water, and if needed, massive amounts of items to move from one city to another, wether through land. Considering their tails are made out of pure water, they must always keep it up to prevent them from getting contaminated or dirty.

(The sun and heart represent the life-giving sunlight Tlaloc used for the Aztec Culture, and the water under it too.)

Whipzos and their evos, at the start, were considered to be life givers and destroyers to people's crops, bringing either hard rains and dirty water or fertile water and light, but helpful rains. They were also thought to be spirits of the past and restless who have been trapped until the end of time, but when a Miscrian traveler saw one remove it's skull helmet (which was rare), the thought was immediately rejected.